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Mobile Devices Designed for the Field - Product Spotlight: CN51


Mobile Devices for Field WorkforceWith a  large, multi-touch, outdoor-readable screen, ruggedized design, and a voice-capable Flexible Network™ Radio, the Intermec CN51 by Honeywell is well suited for any field workforce. Designed to operate on either CDMA or UMTS wireless networks, it's easy for workers to stay connected. Depending on which network provides the best geographic coverage or the lowest cost, the CN51 can be switched on-the-fly, should coverage needs change.

Scanning barcodes? The CN51’s high performance imagers provide optimal barcode scanning capabilities even in low light scanning environments with unmatched motion tolerance and snappy scanning to eliminate costly delays and user frustration during scan-intensive applications. Interested? Contact us to try it out. We're happy to answer your questions or provide a demo unit.

Visit our website to download a spec sheet.

Watch a short video! 

CN51 Wireless Coverage:


 A Versatile Device in the Field:

CN51 Key Features:

  • O/S Versatility – Supports Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Android™ 4.1 Operating Systems for flexible application support and migration

  • Display – Large 4" brilliant WVGA multi-touch display allows for more graphical user interface, display-centric applications

  • Rugged – Withstands multiple 1.5m (5ft) drops to concrete across the operating temperature range and an IP64 seal rating against rain and dust

  • Scanning – Features best-in-class motion tolerance, and support for omnidirectional 1D & 2D barcode scanning

  • Flexible Network – Includes UMTS and Flexible Network (UMTS/CDMA) WAN radio options with voice and data support as well as 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, and GPS with GLONASS support

  • Battery – Industry-leading performance that lasts a full 8-hour shift and beyond, enhanced by patented smart battery technology

  • Processor – Equipped with a power-efficient 1.5GHz dual core multi-engine Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor architecture, with 1GB RAM and 16GB Flash memory

Dig deeper and take a virtual tour

Be sure to contact RMS with any questions. We're happy to help!  

Eliminate These 7 Wastes from Your Manufacturing Supply Chain


In manufacturing, it's important to eliminate non-value adding processes. There are 7 wastes that are often seen in manufacturing that can easily be eliminated.

  1. Over production - the number of items produced are higher than demand for that product.  This wastes both time and materials.

    Supply Chain White Paper
  2. Waiting - there is extra time used in the previous, current, or next step.  The result is time wasted for both workers and machines which means low efficiency.

  3. Transportation - materials are moved unnecessarily.  This wastes time and the work-in-progress materials take longer to complete.

  4. Non-value added processing - doing more work than necessary can be due to a poor plant layout or misguided attempts to recover expensive machinery costs. 

  5. Unnecessary motion - movement of people such as bending, stretching, or walking too far is typically due to inappropriate location of tools, parts, and inventory.  This causes workers to be less efficient and can even cause injuries on the job.

  6. Excess inventory - usually a direct result of over-production, having more inventory than needed causes clutter and ultimately costs.

  7. Defects - producing defective parts or products results in rework which wastes time and increases manufacturing costs.

Eliminating waste and running lean. 

To increase efficiency and decrease costs, it is important to eliminate waste throughout the workflow.  Lean manufacturing is the obsession of eliminating waste - defined by lean practitioners as what customers would perceive as processes and actions that don't add value, and for which they don't want to pay for.

lean manufacturing using printers

Many see lean manufacturing as companies trying to get more for less, however this can be argued.  The US National Institute of Standards and Technology defines lean as: "A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement, following the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection."  This definition of lean manufacturing has 5 governing principles:

  1. Deliver value with the customer in mind

  2. Identify the value stream

  3. Make the value flow

  4. Make to order, meaning only make or do things when you need to

  5. Strive for perfection

A Real-time Asset Management Solution can eradicate waste.

Zebra's Material Flow Solution is a comprehensive execution management solution that streamlines the entire replenishment process.  It gives operations the ability to be centrally managed and is designed to support and automate lean replenishment techniques. 

A Material Flow Solution can directly address almost all of the 7 wastes mentioned above.

  • It decreases inventory by 5-10% by cutting the waste of over-production and dramatically reducing excess inventory.

  • It reduces labor costs by 15-20% by eliminating unnecessary waiting, movements and motion.

  • It improves asset utilization by 5-10% by reducing moves towards over-processing and preventing the waste of waiting.

  • It eliminates line stoppages and business interruptions, again cutting into the waste of waiting.

  • It decreases expedite fees, directly impacting the waste of transportation.

  • It reduces cycle times and increase throughput - in line with lean fundamental values and customer-pull principles.

Learn more about lean manufacturing and Zebra's Material Flow Solution - download a whitepaper: Eliminate 7 wastes from your supply chain.

Tyvek® Law Tags - Featured Labels by Datamax-O'Neil


Law tags are on products to inform customers of hidden contents or filling materials used in bedding and other furniture. The contents include those that can be deemed harmful to one’s health.  Over 30 states require these labels so you need to make sure you’re in compliance before launching products.  Tyvek® law tags can be used on many products including:

  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Comforters
  • Pillows
  • Plush toys
Datamax-O'Neil is a trusted provider for high quality labeling solutions.  RMS Omega can work with Datamax-O'Neil to supply you with Tyvek® law tags, or print them for you.

Print your own Tyvek® law tags


Print your Tyvek® Law Tags with Datamax-O’Neil’s I-Class industrial printer.  It is rugged, versatile, and offers a superior print quality, fast print speeds, and numerous features and options for the most dynamic enterprise applications.

Let RMS Omega help you.  For more information on Tyvek® law tags & Datamax-O'neil's I-Class printer, please contact us.

Zebra Technologies to Acquire Motorola Solutions Enterprise Business


As of April 15th, 2014, Zebra Technologies has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the Enterprise Business from Motorola Solutions for $3.45 billion. Both companies are leaders in Enterprise Automated Data Capture technologies and Enterprise Asset Intelligence. The transaction, which was approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies, is subject to customary closing conditions including regulatory approvals. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

RMS Omega holds key partnerships with both Motorola Solutions and Zebra Technologies. Watch a short video from Zebra Technologies, CEO, Anders Gustafsson about the acquisition:

RMS Omega is a Motorola Solutions Platinum Elite Specialist as well as a Zebra Technologies Premier Level Partner and Authorized Full Service Partner. We provide a full product line of enterprise technologies including software and service for both companies. Products include a wide variety of enterprise grade mobile devices, tablets, barcode scanners, printers, wireless infrastructure, RFID readers, specialty labels, tags, supplies, and accessories.

Read the full press release here. 

Learn more about RMS Omega.

Contact us for more information about Zebra Technologies Printing Solutions or Motorola Solutions Enterprise Grade Mobile Computing, Scanning and Wireless Technology. 


                                         MS MSCP Vert K 187     

  ZEBRA PF AuthorizedFullServiceProvider ColorTab     ZEBRA PF PremierPartner ColorTab

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Freezer Grade Adhesive Labels for Cold Storage - Featured Labels


Are your labels for frozen packages peeling, warping or wrinkling? Labeling frozen packages can be tricky if you don’t have the right materials. For different cold and freezer environments make sure you’re using freezer grade adhesive labels.

Cold Storage Barcode Label Scanning

There are a variety of freezer grade adhesives specifically engineered to adhere to frozen surfaces. These labels are developed to work with both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal technologies. They feature excellent adhesion to a variety of frozen packaging materials and other substrates over a wide temperature range. Likewise, they are also well suited for applications in moist, damp environments.

Key features for freezer grade adhesive labels:

  • Can be applied on already frozen surfaces
  • Resistant to moisture and frost build-up
  • FDA Compliant for indirect and direct food contact.

Contact RMS for free label samples.

M-Class printer

Featured Printer:

Print your Freezer Grade Adhesive Labels with Datamax-O'Neil's M-Class Mark II. 

Print your Freezer Grade Adhesive labels with the M-Class Mark II, compact, industrial strength printer that offers outstanding value with a broad range of features. The M-Class Mark II has proved to be the perfect solution for warehouse, healthcare, logistics and retail applications.

Click here to download the M-Class Mark II printer specifications.


Seared Scallop, Mango Jalapeno resized 600

Learn how GHG Logistics keeps Sushi at the Peak of Freshness: 
Download a Customer Case Study.




The Vicious Cycle - Adding Access Points to Fix Wireless Issues?


Having an interest in technology and the Internet, I decided to take a networking class.  While in class one night, we broke into groups to discuss a case study.  In this particular case study, the company would soon have an increase in users requiring wireless access to the internet at one of their facilities.  To prepare, the company began to evaluate how to handle the rise in wireless users and what to do regarding their wireless access points (APs).  They already had some, but they were concerned it wouldn’t be enough to handle the increase in users connecting to the network.  Our assignment was to evaluate their situation and help the company avoid any future issues.

While discussing the case with my group, one of my peers suggested that the company should add more access points to accommodate the increase of wireless internet users.  What do you think? The more users connecting the more access points you’ll need, right? Wrong.

The vicious cycle.

Although most people believe adding access points will make their wireless connection stronger, it can actually makes the signal appear weaker.  Hmm... How could that happen?

The signal from one access point can actually interfere with the signal from another access point if they are not positioned correctly and your device can have difficultly determining which access point to connect to.  The result will cause your device to completely disconnect.  So, in an area that devices can connect to multiple access points, yours may not be connected to any at all.  This confusion between access points will slow down the internet speed on your device.  Also, if your device is searching for a network to connect to it eats up a lot of battery life, causing your batteries to lose charge faster. 

When this happens, most people are quick to blame the problem on either their devices or faulty access points.  They often either spend more money on purchasing new hardware or end up installing additional access points.  However, putting in more access points without evaluating your current system will make the problem even worse – the VICIOUS cycle.

When is it a wireless issue?

lYou may be surprised!  If you’re having issues with your devices, it may not be a problem with the device itself.  How can you tell?  Ask yourself and your employees some of the following questions: 

  • Do your scanning devices lock up or freeze when users are working with them?
  • Do your mobile devices operate differently from location to location?
  • Do you wish your handhelds operated faster?
  • Are your batteries not lasting an entire shift?
  • Does it take a long time to complete wireless transactions?
  • Is it difficult to work in specific areas of the facility?
  • Do wireless devices drop connection while being used or while roaming around the facility?
  • Has productivity dropped while using wireless devices?
  • Do your mobile devices need to be re-booted to get them to start working again?
  • Are you changing batteries frequently?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to look into your wireless system before spending unnecessary funds on new or additional hardware. In fact, you may already have everything you need.

How do you fix it?

Rather than adding more access points which can potentially harm your wireless connectivity, access points can be placed strategically around a facility for an optimum connection.  Often times you can use the ones you already have!

RMS Omega provides a wireless service called Analysis and Optimization, or A&O, to analyze and improve wireless connectivity throughout your facility.  An A&O is performed to identify and correct poor coverage, dead zones or incorrectly installed hardware.  Our wireless engineers conduct a physical walkthrough, using specialized equipment and analytical software to report wireless signal strength.  After developing reports and heat maps, you get a clear idea of what changes need to be made.

If you’d like more information about our wireless services, visit our website or give us a call!

Tying it all together – What did our group decide to do?

And you’re probably wondering what our group’s final suggestion was – start off by adding in more wired desktop computers for internet access so not as many people will be connecting wirelessly.  Just leave the access points alone!

Protecting your Products with Tamper Evident Barcode Labels


Product counterfeiting, label switching, warranty tampering and vandalism cause enormous annual losses for product manufacturers and retailers. Datamax-O'Neil's Tamper Evident Film is designed to deter these losses and verify product authenticity, ascertaining that the product itself is intact and that the labeling has not been switched or altered.

Tamper Evident Film is waterproof, grease-resistant, and does not break down when exposed to temperature fluctuations — so despite the best efforts of today’s thieves, your property will be protected. Tamper evident asset-tracking labels are simple to apply and extremely effective. After the label has been adhered to the product and allowed to set up, it cannot be removed without leaving telltale evidence of tampering, and it can never be transferred to another product.

Tamper evident labelsTamper Evident Labels are used for:

  • Protecting your products and equipment
  • Automotive & parts labels
  • Electrical & electronic goods
  • Secure packaging
  • Aircraft and automotive inspection maintenance

* Print your Tamper Evident labels with Datamax-O'Neil's scratch and solvent resistant, Wax-Resin and Resin ribbons for a clean dark and durable image.

Learn more - Download a brochure for Datamax-O'Neil Tamper Evident Labels.

For FREE SAMPLE Labels, please contact us! RMS Omega is a Datamax-O'Neil Valued Partner.

Print Tamper Evident Labels with a High Performance Industrial Printer.

Print your Tamper Evident labels with the rugged and versatile H-Class industrial printer, which offers a superior print quality, fast print speeds, and numerous features and options for the most dynamic enterprise applications. The H-Class printer is ideal for high volume label printing in:

  • Manufacturingh class
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Transportation
  • High Resolution Labeling

Business with a Personal Touch - Motorola's New TC55 Touch Computer


Featured Product -Motorola's New Ruggedized Touch Computer, The TC55

Motorola TC55Small, sleek, and as easy to use as your smart phone.

To get the job done, workers need access to critical applications out in the field. They also want a business device that is every bit as small, sleek, and easy to use as their own personal smart phones, but today's smart phones fall far short of the feature set needed in business. The TC55 pocket-sized all touch computer has it all: smart phone ergonomics, good looks, and best-in-class practical business durability, combined with all the functionality workers need to work smarter and better serve their customers.

Enterprise-class comprehensive data capabilities help automate and reduce cycle times so that workers can capture virtually any type of data at the press of a button: 1D/2D bar codes in practically any condition, documents, photos, signatures, videos and NFC-based information. The best audio support in its class, with two front-facing speakers, two microphones, and noise canceling technology ensure crystal clear audio on both ends of a call. Plus, the TC55 is loaded with features that give it long-lasting durability, making it easy to achieve an average three-year lifespan.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership than your Typical Smartphone.

tc 55 tco graph

The TC55 is built for the enterprise. Get an up close and personal look, ask us about getting your hands on one today.

Get all the speeds and feeds - Download a specification sheet for the TC55.

TC55 submerged

  • 4 ft./1.2 m drop - Military standard rating for reliability despite inevitable drops

  • IP67 -Survives submersion in water for 30 minutes

  • 150 1.5 ft./0.5 m tumbles - Survives 300 consecutive hits in Motorola’s tumble drum

  • Corning Gorilla Glass 2 display/scanner exit -  Prevents scratches and shattering when dropped

  • 3-5 year average life cycle

Contact RMS Omega for more information! We're happy to answer your questions.

Polar Vortex Product Spotlight - Mobile Computers Built for the Cold!


cold mobile computing

Mobile devices don't like the cold anymore than we do. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can cause the hardware to become brittle, drain battery life faster, or cause condensation to form inside the screen.

At RMS, we often work with food distributors who utilize mobile computers in extreme temperatures every day. Scanning items, tracking and collecting data in and out of freezers and refrigerators can really take a toll on your devices if they aren't built for it. When operating in frigid temperatures, we recommend Honeywell's Tecton™ Cold Storage Mobile Computer.

The Tecton cold storage computer can operate at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C).

Tecton CSWith large keys ideal for gloved hands, the TectonCS mobile computer offers internal heaters and screen defrosters, as well as special battery packs to optimize the operating life of the product and usability as operators roam in and out of refrigerated environments.

Read how one Distributor utilizes the TectonCS to track their inventory of sushi for Whole Foods:

As for your consumer devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, this technology wasn't built for use in the cold and we never recommend using these devices to support your daily business operations when in extreme environments. However, for your personal use, here are a few tips from the web on how to protect your phone in cold weather.

Try to stay warm out there this winter! And be safe, this polar vortex is a doozy!

Contact us for more information about durable mobile computing technology.

Reflective Labels for Easy Warehouse Inventory - Featured Labels!


reflective labelsManaging warehouse inventory is easy with Datamax-O'Neil's Long Range Retro Reflective Labels.

It's inventory time again! Datamax-O'Neil's Retro Reflective Labels are made specifically for long-distance barcode scanning up to 50 feet with long-range scanners. The facestock of this thermal transfer printable, polyester based material blends microscopic crushed glass beads that reflect the scanner's laser for a quick and easy read. These Retro Reflective labels are specially designed to allow upper level rack scanning from floor level!

Features and Benefits:

  • Scan and read barcodes on high levels from the floor
  • Retro Reflective material offers increased scanning range
  • Improve readability and productivity for stocking, picking and inventory management
  • Increase use of higher rack levels to expand available space
  • Durable and dependable

Have a unique labeling application? Talk to a specialist and test free sample labels. Contact RMS Omega today!

Make sure you have the right labels for long range scanning. Give us a call at 888.857.8402!

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